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Russ Chapman


Happy Place

With a catalog of songs about hopelessly optimistic characters fashioning wildly impractical solutions to completely imaginary problems, Russ Chapman follows the old adage of write what you know.

He points to tunes like Forbidden Fruit Makes a Sticky Jam and Bake Sale to Save my Soul as shining examples of a songwriter who’s obviously having his way with words and is not ashamed to admit it.

It was on the strength of his sharp lyrical wit that garnered Mr. Chapman the winner of the 2017 Telluride Emerging Blues Artist award. He sure stomps like a blues player, but there’s a bit more going on here. ‘I want to feel like a one-man 1940’s Broadway musical, but put on by a bunch of old blues dudes in the back of a swamp shack.’ Like we said- wildly impractical and completely imaginary.  

If you’re looking for deep introspection and minor key explorations of personal sorrow and sadness, you’re not gonna find them here. But if you happen to feel down, odds are Russ has a story and a song that might make you feel a bit better. Shoot, there’s even a slight chance that’s what he’s really all about (but for his sake, let’s keep that our little secret). 

Promo one-liner: With lyrical wit, a down-home stomp and an uncanny mouth-trumpet, Russ Chapman sings original New Orleans infused folk-blues.


Live From The Divide – Highlights

Gondola Sessions

TEDx Bozeman

Rocky Raccoon – Paonia Film Fest

Little Bitty Baby



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Bozeman, MT

Note from Russ:

For the past many years, I’ve played venues both large and small to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  From Festivals and Concerts to Backyard Birthdays and Correctional Facilities- I’ll play anywhere there are people who like good original music.

Sample list of venues:

  • FESTIVALS: Palisade Bluegrass, Telluride Blues and Brews, Lake City Wine and Music, Snowbird Mountain Music, Paonia Mountain Harvest, Fourth of July Cherry Days, Glenwood Springs Strawberry Days, Yellowstone Music, Crested Butte Arts, Dolores River, Tucson Folk, Marble Music…
  • THEATRES: Milligan College, Paradise of Paonia, Corning Museum, Butte Opera House, TEDx Bozeman, Buffalo Black Box, The Renaissance Center…
  • BREWERIES- too many to even remember!

© Russ Chapman